Making Marking Manageable, Meaningful and Motivating

Introduced by Simon Milner

Tuesday 6th December 2016

Today’s forum began with discussion of the call of the Independent Teacher Workload Review Group to make marking ‘meaningful’, ‘manageable’, and ‘motivating.’
In light of these principles, a number of strategies were explored which could help teachers adopt a flexible, sustainable and effective approach to marking, and to feedback more generally.

Key ideas considered included David Didau’s suggestion ( that the way in which we provide feedback could move along a continuum. As students progress through a course of study, feedback, if it is to facilitate retention and transfer, should shift from the ‘specific’, ‘detailed’ and ‘immediate’, to an ‘internalised’ understanding on the part of the student. A number of tactics from Shaun Allison and Andy Tharby’s Making Every Lesson Count (2015) were also discussed. These included the use of an efficient language of symbols when marking student work, employing ‘gallery critique’ to make peer assessment more powerful, and shifting ‘the onus’ onto students by, for instance, insisting on careful proofreading and asking learners to identify particular areas of their work on which they would like to receive feedback.

A full account of the strategies discussed can be found in the Staff Learning area.

The report of the Independent Teacher Workload Review Group, Eliminating Unnecessary Workload Around Marking (March 2016), is available here:

Making Marking Manageable


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